Schmitt Capital ’s investments rely upon rigorous quantitative investment analysis as well as a qualitative understanding of the inherent opportunities within communities.  Our approach in identifying the needs of any given community provides us a unique advantage. The strategy is not product specific and is driven by the principle that every investment should fit the needs of the community in both the short and long term.

Investment Approach:

Schmitt Capital examines market areas to determine if the area warrants the extensive efforts we undertake in making an investment.  We employ a rigorous process which combines both our quantitative expertise and our qualitative understanding of the needs and potential of the community.

Once a market is qualified, we proactively identify and evaluate specific investment opportunities. In addition, we rely on input from a network of real estate brokers, property owners, municipalities, redevelopment agencies, consultants, architects, national and regional retail tenants, builders, and prospective partners. In concert with seeking attractive returns, Schmitt Capital prioritizes capital preservation through strategies that provide downside risk protection. The investment process includes the following:

  • Identifying primary and secondary markets for investment opportunities
  • Underwrite long term delivery using today’s market rates factoring in downside
  • Understanding market influences which enable us to anticipate short and long-term gains
  • Leverage development and construction experience to monetize assets

Schmitt Capital leverages its investing discipline to capitalize on real estate inefficiencies, over-leveraged assets, demographic changes, and economic growth to acquire value-add and opportunistic real estate investments globally. Each strategic fund has its own unique disciplines to leverage above market returns.


Schmitt Capital’s Opportunistic strategy focuses on making equity and debt investments in the repositioning and development of retail, residential, office, parking, hotel, signage and other asset types in established and/or emerging neighborhoods.  These opportunistic investments provide the potential for appropriately high returns.

Value-Add / Stabilized

Schmitt Capital’s Value-Add/Stabilized strategy focuses on investments in real estate related assets such as retail, residential, office, hotel and other asset types that involve lease-up, capital or tenant improvements, limited repositioning/redevelopment and other value-add initiatives.  These assets are usually found in business districts and downtown areas of densely populated metropolitan areas.  These opportunities are not limited to primary markets, and can be expanded to secondary and tertiary markets.

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