William SchmittFounder

After graduating from Babson College in 2007, William started working for Lehman Brothers in Fixed Income managing major hedge fund clients.  These clients would collectively transact north of $100 Billion in bonds on a daily basis.  After performing at a high level in fixed income, William transitioned into the Cash Equity team.  While on the Cash Equity team, the global recession commenced forcing Lehman to be bought out by Barclay’s Capital.  After the completion of the sale, Barclay’s asked William to move to London to start a new team focused on Synthetics and Derivatives; portfolio-swaps, interest rate swaps, high frequency CFDs.  Here, William continued to succeed and increase Barclay’s Capitals’ bottom line and client base.

After 3 successful years at Barclay’s Capital, William decided to take his talents back to the United States and start his own company, Schmitt Capital.  Here, William connected with high net worth individuals and began his real estate development career.  Since the end of 2012, William has developed approximately 150,000 square feet of multi-family product.  All projects netted investors significant profits on their equity.  Because of William’s success in development, Schmitt Capital’s investor base has grown to over a dozen clients as well as international high net worth individuals.  Currently, William expanded his development business to Europe, specifically, Germany.  Through William’s network, he capitalized on an opportunity to develop retail assets with minimal risk to the equity investment.  The strategy consists of identifying land, negotiating 30 year leases with A credit tenants, and then laying out at risk money.  This strategy, along with diversifying investments internationally, has led to William growing his personnel and equity base.

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